Saturday, 15 January 2011

Welcome to No Meat | Five Veg

My name is Ledina, and I share my blog with my partner Dom. We have been together since November 2002 and we share a love for a healthy lifestyle, cooking, photography, travelling, Body Combat (yes, yes I know!), software engineering and much more. 
We are flexitarians - especially during holidays when you've got to try it all out! But, when it comes to cooking at home we try to stick to organic, local and hence seasonal vegetarian food with an occasional pescatarian or meat dish. We work well together, especially in the kitchen. We have a good time and experiment a lot in our attempts to pack 4-5 portions of veg in every meal. Most of the time it truly pays out, but everyone makes mistakes from time to time, right? We are learning and getting better each day - or so we hope... 
So join us in our culinary adventures to 5 a day!

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