Saturday, 15 January 2011

And for the rest of the week...

Monday: Lentil, Peas, Sweetcorn & Carrot Cottage Pie with Parsnip Mash

Tuesday: Roasted Beet, Carrot, Chickpea Quinoa Salad with Orange

Thursday: Chicken, Pepper, Beans & Sweetcorn Enchiladas with Grated Carrot Salad

Friday: Spinach Mushroom Cannelloni with Cottage Cheese and Hummus

They all tasted delicious and were packed full of veg. Next time though, we would probably cover the cannelloni in béchamel sauce (rather than the cottage cheese & hummus mixture that was also added to the filling) and cover the enchiladas in sour cream rather than the tomato sauce (used for the bottom and filling), so both will look more like they should!

Although, considering we very rarely make the same exact recipe twice, I'm not sure when next time would be... It serves us right for trying to take shortcuts - should know better by now :)

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